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Lost and Found: Mughal women and myths around their lives

Author Ira Mukhoty takes a walk around Humayun’s Tomb, recounts tales of Mughal women and busts myths around their lives.

Humayun Tomb finial: How the king got its crown back

The 18ft ornamental ensemble on the Humayun Tomb was given a coating of 22-carat gold to match its original crowning splendour.


Gold finial at Humayun’s Tomb unveiled

On May 30, 2014, during a sandstorm exceeding 150 kmph, the wooden core of the finial snapped at the point where it rises above the dome.

Replicate Humayun’s Tomb work at Taj Mahal: Aga trust told

Minister of Tourism and Culture Mahesh Sharma lays foundation of Humayun’s Tomb Site Museum.

The marvel of red sandstone & white marble

Quest organised a heritage walk for students of The Indian School, Sadiq Nagar, to Humayun’s Tomb.

Humayun’s Tomb to get new, lookalike finial

On May 30 last year, the 18-foot finial, weighing 225 kg, collapsed during the storm.


Tunnel linking Ring Road and Mathura Road may hit ASI hurdle

Tunnel would be around 1.25-km long, beginning at the exit of Nizamuddin Bridge and opening at Subz Burz on Mathura Road.

Storm kills 9, snaps power, water lines

The storm severely affected road traffic, metro services, flight operations and power supply in the city.

Before Sunset

Ad man Aadil Jamal’s photographs explore light and shadow at Delhi’s Humayun’s Tomb.

'Cool' Hillary Clinton 'never sweats' even in 100 degrees Delhi heat

It’s unlikely that Clinton doesn’t actually sweat perspiration is the body’s way of cooling itself.

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Ant-Man actor Evangeline Lilly is in New Delhi

Evangeline Lilly essays the character of Hope van Dyne or Wasp in the Ant-Man films. She also appeared in the role in Avengers: Endgame.