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We all have weaknesses; we just need to learn to deal with them: Dr Janki Santoke

In this inspiring video, Dr Santoke narrates the story of the Goddess Thetis and her child Achilles.

'Humans' could run longer than two series

The writing duo behind "Humans" have revealed they have long-term plans for the sci-fi series.


Humans sacrificed brawn for brains

Humans may be smart because they sacrificed muscle growth for increased brain power, a new study has found.

Humans not smarter than animals: experts

Think you are smarter than animals? Maybe not!

Humans and rats think alike after making mistakes

Researchers found that brains of humans and rats adapt in a similar way to errors.

Apes taught humans how to swim

The clue to the way humans swim may lie in their evolutionary past.


Trees have 'body clocks' like humans: study

These cycles could affect models of climate change,scientists said.

Baboons understand numbers like humans

The human capacity for complex symbolic math is clearly unique to our species,says Cantlon.

Humans may encounter aliens this century: Scientist

Humans are likely to find alien life where we find rocky planets with CO2 and ozone in the atmospheres.

Lunar dust can increase the risk of cancer in humans

Dream of living on the Moon? It might not be that easy.