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Artemis in ancient Greece

Across cultures, earth’s closest neighbour has had an irresistible pull on the human psyche.

Oldest human remains outside Africa found in cave near Israel's Haifa

Scientists have found remains of our earliest ancestors, early homo sapiens, in a cave near Isreal's Haifa.


Bones in South African cave reveal new human relative: study

The creature shows a surprising mix of human-like and more primitive characteristics — some experts called it "bizarre" and "weird."

Stone tools shaped human hands

Ancestors tools went from basic rocks banged together to chipped hand axes.

Talking Point

The character is a lot like me — blunt and honest,and yet extremely sensitive. What I liked about the character is that it is not the usual vamp role.

Rights panel tells docs to pay Rs 1 lakh for death of teenager

In an exemplary case,the Punjab State Human Rights Commission (PSHRC) has ordered doctors of a civil hospital to cough up Rs 1 lakh as compensation to the family of teenager who died due to negligence.


Fish 'have human ability to learn'

Fish are more clever than you thought,for a new study has found that although worlds apart,the way they learn could be closer to humans' way of thinking.

Religion is a product of humans' evolved brains: Study

To interpret a religion,people rely mainly on the same recently evolved brain regions which divine the feelings and intentions of other people.