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Madurai hotel lands in soup for naming dish 'Iyer Chicken', faces flak from Brahmin community

Following the criticism, the restaurant tended an unconditional apology to the association and took down the poster.

Would you like to spend a night in this six-ton potato hotel?

The fully furnished rooms accommodate a queen bed, bathroom and a cosy lounge with sufficient space for two people.


'Hotel' will have two new actors on board

Teeshay and Aashim Gulati will play the lead roles along side Akanksha Singh in the tentatively titled series on Star Plus.

Ganga Kinare: All-purpose boutique hotel in Rishikesh

Started about 25 years ago, the boutique hotel is a perfect example of combining religion with luxury.

Wine & Bear

This restaurant also doubles as a wine shop.

Mars Bar

The newest entrant to Hauz Khas Village,conjures up a romantic vision of what could be a Martian holiday


Hotel booked for airing subscription channels ‘illegally’

A hotel has landed in a legal soup for airing subscription-based cable channels in its guest rooms without the mandatory commercial contract with a government-authorised cable agent.

Man allowed entry in house after six-year stay in hotel

The Bombay High Court has allowed a man to stay in his own two-bedroom house.

Hospitality sector attracts $3.2 bn FDI in Apr-Feb FY13

Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion sector has attracted FDI worth $3.21 billion.

13 arrested for running sex racket in Srinagar

The Jammu and Kashmir Police claimed to have busted a sex racket following the arrest of 13 persons including four women.