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Saudi Arabia to host richest horse race in 2020 with $20 million in prize money up for grabs

The prize money at the Saudi Cup will eclipse the $16 million purse at the Pegasus World Cup Invitational in Florida last year.

Punter wins a staggering £182,567 from £2 bet at Cheltenham

A lucky punter won a grand sum of £182,567.80 off a £2 bet at the annual Cheltenham Festival on Tuesday as they picked a horse from each of the six races and came off as the winner in four of them.


Two held for ‘accepting bets’ on horse races in Mumbai

"We found several WhatsApp groups on the mobile phones of both the accused through which they would coordinate with those interested in making payments.They only accepted money from those people they knew for a long time. New people were not allowed to place bets,” the officer said.

Night race: Off the blocks in style

A full-fledged project will be focused on with the possibility of setting up permanent structures to bolster the floodlights.

Behind derby glitz, Mumbai race club fights doping menace

Before the prestigious Indian derby, organisers are battling a silent menace — doping in horse racing.

Horse racing clubs are like shops, says Supreme Court

Order to bring them under Employee’s State Insurance Act, cover their employees under social security schemes.


Day of the Groom

They are the ones who prepare the horses for the race,but rarely get any recognition. This time it was different.