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Atletico Madrid's rise no surprise

Atletico’s coach moulded the team into a tough-tackling unit known for their drive to win.

Man City’s contrasting form

It is a surprise that City is in third when many predicted it would be running away with the title.


Bring on the main course

John McEnroe says Wawrinka has “the best one-handed backhand in the game today”. He uses it to great effect.

Give Dortmund a break

On Saturday night,Wolfsburg beat them 2-1 in the Bundesliga.

Arsenal boom in danger of going bust

Arsenal’s best results have come in matches where Flamini has been used as one half of the double pivot.

Belgium put world on notice

Few however,will be surprised at the Belgians’ sustained excellence through the world cup qualifiers.


Age of empires

The emphasis on results has been replaced by loud proclamations of a ‘project’ with words such as ‘identity’ and ‘style’.

Hotspur lose Bale,gain a lot

Their young manager Andre Villas-Boas impressed upon his ambitious,hard-nosed chairman.

As Arsene sows,so do Arsenal reap

Suarez,Rooney,Gustavo,Higuain,Bender,Benzema,di Maria – and that's just the list from the current transfer window.

Don't count Dortmund out just yet

Borussia Dortmund overran Bayern Munich to win 4-2 and capture the DFL SuperCup