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Top interior design trends of 2019, according to Pinterest

From quirky wallpapers to adding greenery in the living room and natural swimming pools, here are some of the top interior decor trends to expect this year.

Try these DIY ideas to decorate your child’s room

Create a scrapbook wall of all the pictures that you want in your toddler’s room. You can add to these as your child grows and encourage them to put up their favourites too.


How to make your interior decor winter friendly

Add an extra layer of texture to your indoor plants with jute baskets. They sync in perfectly with the mood of the season and make it a lot less gloomy, says expert.

Crushing on IKEA products but can't travel to Hyderabad? You can now shop via Amazon

You can get your hands on IKEA products as some of them are now available online, just in time for Diwali. With a carefully selected range of lights and decorative items, you can create indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.

After Hyderabad, IKEA lays its foundation in Bengaluru

IKEA has around 7,500 products on offer out of which 95 per cent are from global range and 5 per cent are specifically designed based on the local lifestyle of Indian consumers.

Things to check before buying home furniture online

Here's a list of things you must consider before you make random online purchases of furniture during this festive season. Read the instructions online, follow the product description and know the shipping charges before buying home furniture online, say experts.


Quirky home decor ideas to brighten up house

Mikita Laad Gupta, Senior Designer, Bonito Designs, and Abraham Santosh, Head Designer, Elegeancia, offer some tips to get the desired look and an interesting home with a heady mix of colourful and quirky elements that can instantly make heads turn.

Has Swedish furniture-maker IKEA hit on the perfect formula to win over Indian hearts?

On offer for India - affordable, short, sturdy furniture and a pork & beef-free menu.

Get kids interested in decorating their rooms!

Children can go wild making collages of family photographs, which one can convert into frames and hang on the wall.

VIDEO: Want to live in Iceland? This beautiful home is no less than a fairy tale cottage

Ever wanted to get settled in the snowy hilltops of Iceland? While most people imagine going there, Peter Weiss has built his dream house, and it is no less than a fairy tale cottage.

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Home decor tips: Get your house summer ready

With the temperature hitting an upward spiral, it is time for you to get your home summer-ready with simple tweaks in decor.