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Argentina's Holocaust museum unveils Nazi relics

The relics included busts of Adolf Hitler and a Nazi Ouija board, used to try to contact the dead. Argentina is home to Latin America's largest Jewish population — but was also home to many Nazis after World War II.

Explained: What is Roma Holocaust Memorial Day?

During the Holocaust, approximately half a million Roma children, women and men were massacred by the Nazis and their allies in sites across Europe.


Lessons in Humanity

A photo exhibition tracing Anne Frank’s life talks about the Holocaust and how similar forms of discrimination exists even today

Holocaust quantified: 1/4th of victims killed in just 3 months

The study was published Wednesday in Science Advances. Lewi Stone, a biomathematician in Tel Aviv University, analysed railway records of mass transportation of Jews.

Mumbai: Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony to be held at the Magen David Synagogue in Byculla

Solomon Sopher, managing trustee of three synagogues in India and president of Sir Jacob Sassoon Trust, said Consul Generals of France, Israel, Hungary, Poland, Germany and Canada are expected to attend the event.

Israeli minister "honoured" to be barred from Poland over Holocaust bill

"The blood of Polish Jews cries from the ground, and no law will silence it," Bennett later said in a statement. "The government of Poland cancelled my visit, because I mentioned the crimes of its people. I am honoured."


President Andrzej Duda says Poland did not take part in the Holocaust

President Andrzej Duda said yesterday that he would never allow Poland and Poles in general to be "vilified" though "false accusations."

Barack Obama to honor four people who protected jews during Holocaust

Six million Jews were killed by the Nazis and their collaborators during the Holocaust.

Wordly Benefits: The war over genocide

Probably the earliest term to define the massacre of Jews has its origin in Czarist Russia. The word ‘pogrom’ literally means “devastation as if by a thunderbolt”.

Remains of victims of Nazi experiments found in France

It started with a letter, a brief reference to samples taken from the bodies of Holocaust victims used in Nazi medical research

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Holocaust survivors beauty pageant: Celebrating the undying spirit of mankind

When Miss Holocaust Survivor Beauty Pageant was introduced in 2012, it evoked both kudos and criticism from Israelis. Three years later and 70 years after the aftermath, 13 survivors of the tragedy have come forward to take part in the contest in the northern Israeli city of Haifa.