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Six destinations where Holi is still celebrated in all its traditional grandeur

Visit these places to witness the grand spectacle that is Holi in all its traditional glory.

Enjoy Holi, but don’t drink & drive: Cops

Special checking teams with alcometers and interceptors will be deployed at major intersections to detect and prosecute violations.


Green Ice creams and Gulal

Chef Manish Mehrotra recounts his early days of celebrating Holi in Patna

Pink is the Warmest Colour

Between folk ditties and bhaang ice creams, musicians and a chef recall what made the festival of colours universal.

A day after Holi, workers stay away from work

Reason: they had consumed too much bhang or liquor that they were not able to work on Tuesday.

5 Holi revellers drown, 5 die in road accidents

Police suspect they were drunk at the time and had gone to the river to take a bath.


1,383 vehicles challaned on Holi

The police received 2,364 calls at the Police Control Room (PCR) and attended to 458 spots, which is double the usual number.

Finally, a splash of colour in the lives of Vrindavan widows

Sulabh Foundation has appointed teachers to teach English and Hindi to widows.

Experts for green Holi, say use herbal colours, flowers, turmeric

While the city will celebrate Holi on Monday, there are some steps which, if taken, can save the skin, hair and nails from damage.

On Holi, cops to counsel drink drivers on the spot

The traffic police will counsel the offenders on the spot about the negative effects of drink driving.

Holi celebrations Photos

A riot of colours: Barsana, Nandgaon celebrate Lathmar Holi

Lathmar means playing with sticks. In the festival, menfolk try to smear colour on women who traditionally protect themselves with lathis or sticks.

Happy Holi: Here's how India is celebrating the festival of colours

With the festive fervour in full swing, Holi is being celebrated across the country, welcoming the spring.


Breaking stigmas, widows play Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan

Over a thousand widows from the ashrams in Vrindavan and Varanasi began a special four-day Holi celebrations in Vrindavan today (March 4) morning.

Leaders of all hues join Holi celebrations

Taking a break from politics in the run up to the Lok Sabha elections political leaders joined the nation to celebrate Holi.

India gets into 'Holi' mood

People get ready to celebrate Holi all over India.

Vrindavan widows play Holi with colours and gulal

About 1000 widows, shunning the shackles of social stigma, played Holi with colours and gulal.


India gears up to celebrate Holi

India is all geared up to celebrate the festival of colours.