Hiv Virus

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A ray of hope: Single antibody infusions found promising against HIV

A single antibody infusion can protect monkeys against infection with an HIV-like virus.

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City homoeopath ‘isolates’ HIV virus to treat cases

In 25.9 per cent patients, the viral load declined from 12 to 24 weeks of receiving the homoeopathic medicine.

‘HIV slowly adapting to humans’

This change is so gradual that it is unlikely to have an impact on vaccine design, researchers said.

Breast milk protein may protect babies from HIV

Protein,called Tenascin-C had previously been recognised as playing a role in wound healing.

NCCS intensifies research on cancer,infectious diseases

Plans afoot to develop centres of excellence in the institute that will be hubs of cancer research

Scared of hepatitis,HIV infections,patients of US dentist line up for tests

Looking to find out whether they were exposed to hepatitis or HIV — the virus that causes AIDS — hundreds of patients of an oral surgeon accused of unsanitary practices showed up at a health clinic

Kids infected by HIV in hospital: Guj govt told to file FIR

Das had alleged that state government was responsible for the kids getting infected with HIV.

UK man spreads HIV virus,police warn his woman partners

Earlier,Teesside Crown Court heard how a married McClure may have had sex with hundreds of women.

Understanding the HIV virus

Ever since the HIV virus was discovered in 1983,a lot of research has been done around its genome. In the face of emerging and re-emerging viral threats…