NCW seeks report from Tamil Nadu over alleged transfusion of HIV infected blood to pregnant women

Preliminary inquiry revealed that the blood bank staff had failed to screen the blood properly before supplying it to the private hospital. The personnel who tested the donor's blood had labelled it 'safe,' officials said.

Another Tamil Nadu woman says she contracted HIV at hospital, probe says claim ruled out ‘99%’

The KMC administration has claimed they have “99 per cent” ruled out the complaint, stating that they have tested one of two donors who had donated the blood when the woman had undergone a blood transfusion in the hospital in April.


Tamil Nadu: Pregnant woman contracts HIV after blood transfusion

State health secretary J Radhakrishnan said the woman has been shifted to Government Rajaji Hospital in Madurai for advanced treatment and will undergo further tests to reaffirm presence of the virus.

Karnataka: Villagers refuse to drink lake water after body of HIV-infected woman found

As Morab residents stopped using the water from the lake for drinking purposes and instead took to travelling nearly three kilometres for fresh water, local authorities decided to empty the lake, Hullur said.

Manipur CM warns action against undeserving beneficiaries of govt schemes

A large number of deserving people/households are not getting benefits under different the government schemes, Singh said, while attributing it to irregularities in data collection and dishonesty of the officials concerned.

Post viral load tests, number of people with HIV taking second line drugs increases: MSACS

Viral load tests are used to diagnose acute HIV infection, guide treatment choices and monitor response to antiretroviral therapy.


In six years, number of new HIV cases in Pune fall by nearly 50 pc

Officials of the Society said despite the decline in the number of new HIV infections, there was a need to step up information, education and communication services for groups that were at high risk of contracting the infection

‘For every two HIV deaths, there is a snakebite death... yet very poor awareness about it’

The disease burden could be far bigger, as according to the World Health Organization (WHO), only 10 per cent of snakebite cases is reported.

The Ministry of Health has announced the implementation of HIV and AIDS Act

The HIV AIDS Act, which received Presidential assent on April 20 last year, prohibits discrimination against such persons in accessing healthcare, getting jobs, renting accommodation, and in admission to public and private educational institutions.

At a lab in Faridabad, efforts to develop a vaccine for HIV

The laboratory's sole aim: to design a preventive vaccine, one that is capable of eliciting an immune response capable of neutralising a broad spectrum of HIV immunogens.