Woman dies of shock after learning she is HIV+, probe ordered into wrong report

At the Shimla hospital, seeing the HIV+ report, the doctors asked her husband too to get tested. The Woman overheard this conversation and slipped into a coma. Later, a new round of tests had ruled out HIV. But by then the woman’s condition was quite critical and she died at the IGMC Hospital.

Now, drugs for 3 months at one time for ‘stable’ HIV+ patients to reduce frequent trips to ART centres

The World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines recommend early initiation of HIV positive patients on antiretroviral therapy (ART). Going a step further, the Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society has initiated steps to dispense drugs for three months at a time to HIV positive persons.


Mumbai: Treatment of 3 HIV-infected sex workers restarts, 12 others not traceable, says NACO

According to the Mumbai District Aids Control Society (MDACS), there are 20,853 sex workers in their records, of whom 511 are HIV-positive and 472 are on ART. Across Mumbai, there are 38,254 HIV-positive patients.

Pakistan seeks help from WHO to investigate HIV outbreak

According to estimates, 163,000 people were infected with HIV in the country but only 25,000 were registered with state-run HIV programmes and out of that, only about 16,000 came regularly for treatment and medicines.

Blood Pressure

Blood banks operating without licences, lack of an advanced screening test and a regulatory body struggling with staff crunch — blood transfusion in the capital needs a shot in the arm. Indian Express reports.

The Delta 32 effect

It offers pathways to eliminate HIV, though there is sometime before we have a complete cure at hand.


CCR5-delta 32: The rare mutation that could help stop HIV

With the case of the London Patient, reported in Nature Tuesday, scientists have successfully duplicated Dr Hütter’s CCR5-delta 32 experiment from 13 years ago, with less pain than Brown, the pioneering survivor of HIV, had to endure.

HIV is reported cured in a second patient, a milestone in the global AIDS epidemic

The surprise success now confirms that a cure for HIV infection is possible, if difficult, researchers said.

NCW seeks report from Tamil Nadu over alleged transfusion of HIV infected blood to pregnant women

Preliminary inquiry revealed that the blood bank staff had failed to screen the blood properly before supplying it to the private hospital. The personnel who tested the donor's blood had labelled it 'safe,' officials said.

Another Tamil Nadu woman says she contracted HIV at hospital, probe says claim ruled out ‘99%’

The KMC administration has claimed they have “99 per cent” ruled out the complaint, stating that they have tested one of two donors who had donated the blood when the woman had undergone a blood transfusion in the hospital in April.