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Sunday, December 05, 2021



Of matching kurtas and coats: Coffee table book explores western influence on pre-Independence Punjab fashion

November 28, 2021 11:32 am

A new coffee table book explores in meticulous photographic detail how Indian, especially Punjabi, attire was transformed by western influence from the mid-19th century to pre-Independence 20th century and then on.

Black surfers reclaim their place on the waves

September 06, 2021 3:32 pm

But the competitive landscape is bound to become more diverse as more Black people train for and enter competitions, some with their eyes on the 2024 Olympics, experts say

Subhadra Sen Gupta's last book treasure trove of info for kids

August 15, 2021 9:55 am

Sen Gupta wrote over 40 books for children because she thought they are the best readers in the world. She was awarded the Bal Sahitya Puraskar by the Sahitya Akademi in 2014.

Dr Sharada Srinivasan on past Indian metallurgical techniques: Best not always linked to grandness

July 27, 2021 11:55 am

Science, history, and art come together in her work as an archaeometallurgist.

Enthusiasts encourage history and heritage through social media

July 03, 2021 6:16 pm

History has been labelled 'boring' far too often in popular culture—a perception that has far-reaching implications. To change this belief, history initiatives have taken to social media to encourage the discipline.

International Yoga Day 2021: Date, theme, history, and significance

June 19, 2021 12:25 pm

International Yoga Day 2021 Date, Theme: This year, the theme for the event is 'Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family'

Painting the Spanish Flu: How iconic art and literature depicted the ailing, the dead

June 18, 2021 5:27 pm

The Spanish flu or the H1N1 influenza of 1918 infected 500 million people worldwide, an epidemic far more cataclysmic than Covid-19. The artists and writers who suffered from the virus, delineated their personal experiences in their works.

The room where Radcliffe drew the lines of India’s partition

November 28, 2020 7:02 pm

Rashtrapati Bhavan’s cabinet room reverberates with the stories of people and events that shaped India’s history

Flashback: History of Amazon Kindle, the first successful E-Reader

May 24, 2020 2:13 pm

Amazon Kindle has been the most successful e-Reader device ever created. Here are some unknown facts about the development of the first Kindle.

The digital risks that come with recording these times of protest

January 19, 2020 7:48 am

These are all actions that make sure that the arc of history remains bent in the right direction, and that paid troll farms and hired authoritative cells do not capture the narrative.


In pics: A virtual glimpse of 100 years of art practice

June 14, 2021 5:12 pm

The Edition 2 of The Centum Series by DAG presents a miscellany of Indian art featuring a hundred works by a hundred artists


Life inside the Red Fort, through the eyes of historian Rana Safvi

June 22, 2020 6:04 pm

At a special event introducing her latest book, Rana Safvi gave a tour of what Mughal life looked like inside the Red Fort.

Earthrise: 50 years ago, we saw the earth rise from space for the first time

June 22, 2020 6:07 pm

On Christmas Eve, 1968, astronauts orbiting the moon saw Earth rising for the first time.

Detailed scrutinization required to decipher Netaji's files: Netaji's family members

January 23, 2016 12:45 pm

New Delhi, Jan 23 (ANI): Granddaughter of Subhas Chandra Bose Jayanti Rakshit on Saturday said that is a big question why files were kept untouched. She added that since the declassified files were not opened for a longer duration, they didn't have the opportunity to read them. She even Jawaharlal Nehru was "reluctant" to declassify the files. She further added that they were hopeful that they will know the truth. Bose's grand nephew, on the other hand, said it is not easy to read the history that was hidden and distorted for nearly 70 years and it required a detailed scrutinization. He said that the entire nation wanted to know about Netaji's death and the Prime Minister kept his promise.