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On a sticky wicket

The role of religion in Pakistan cricket is disturbing.

In their own ivory towers

The ascendant right liberal is as elitist and parochial as his left counterpart


Veer Savarkar's crusade against caste discrimination remains under-appreciated

There are several aspects of this great revolutionary, reformer and visionary which demand greater attention. Being an ideologue of Hindu philosophy is just one aspect of his life.

Hinduism is about catholicity and reforms, not just discrimination. Hindutva, in contrast, is a homogenising force

The debates around hard-Hindutva and soft-Hindutva are seriously tampering with the secular character of our elections and democracy. The RSS and the ruling regime wants to create a new normal — one in which being Hindu is considered a must for representing the population. This agenda should be resisted at all costs.

Bharat’s identity is intrinsically tied with the eternal philosophy of Hindutva

It is imperative to expose the conspiracy to divide and confuse, and to establish the eternal philosophy of Hindutva, by dedicated action and practice. This will result in the unfolding of Bharat’s identity, known to the world since centuries.

Exit Ayodhya architects, enter new-age Hindutva

The choice of Sadhvi Pragya is an attempt by the BJP to consolidate its core Hindutva base by lending its support to a person it believes is the “victim” of the Congress-led UPA’s plot to script a narrative of “Hindu terror.”


A debate has two sides

BJP shows it will weave nationalism, security with religious identity. So far, Opposition has no response.

‘BJP is silent on Hindutva, this is why it has faced defeats in Hindi heartland’

Shiv Sena leader and South Mumbai Member of Parliament Arvind Sawant speaks to The Indian Express about his demand for a Joint Parliamentary Committee to probe the Rafale deal, about Hindutva and Shiv Sena-BJP relations ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.

It's not the Hindu who's in danger in this country, it's the Constitution: Kanhaiya Kumar

"Yeh log dangai hai (these people are rioters). When Modi was asked after 2002 Gujarat riots why he doesn't visit the relief camps, he had said what's the point in going to children-producing mine," Kanhaiya Kumar said.

Going backwards

Attempts to stoke communal polarisation in Karnataka do disservice to its tradition of forward-looking politics, policy

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BJP's star campaigner Yogi Adityanath’s emotive appeals turn a damp squib | DECISION 2018

Yogi Adityanath, the man in a saffron robe, has emerged as one of the star campaigners for the BJP in the last few elections. But his speeches in this election making a strong Hindutva pitch failed to get any results.