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In service of politics

Hindutva seeks to surmount the diversity of Hinduism

In Good Faith: The Hindus with Hussain

Hussaini Brahmins, various Hindu figures mark Muharram


Let’s not be deluded on RSS

RSS’s own documents highlight its opposition to a secular, democratic India.

Making of a composite culture

Lively interactions between Hindus and Muslims in statecraft, art and in the spiritual realm were the hallmarks of seven centuries before colonial rule.

Salman & Sunil: How different are they?

A VHP leader said Hindu girls err in thinking a Sunil and a Salman are same. But how different are they?

India country of Hindus first, others later, says Shiv Sena

"The RSS chief says like Hindus, India belongs to others as well. The Shiv Sena chief says India belongs to Hindus first and others later, because there are more than 50 countries for Muslims," Sena said in an editorial in party mouthpiece 'Saamana'.


Call for entry of non-Hindus in temples

Minister for Tourism and Devaswom, Kadakampally Surendran wanted to avoid 'unnecessary' debate on the issue and said except in Sree Krishna Temple in Guruvayour, there was no bar for entry of non-Hindus in temples.

Conspiracy against Hindus, PM Modi in name of intolerance, lynching, says BJP

At a Delhi seminar, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra accused Congress of trying to create a particular narrative on Kashmir. To drive his point home, he cited the statements made by Congress leaders Saifuddin Soz, Mani Shankar Aiyar and Sandeep Dikshit.

‘This is no longer about Hindus or Muslims, it is a matter of justice’

So far, Junaid’s family has been visited by Communist Party of India (Marxist) members Brinda Karat and Mohammad Salim, as well as MLA Tekchand Sharma, “who paid a two-minute visit since his office is nearby”.

Hindu selfhood and cow stories

The fount of Bharmall’s tale is the history of medieval Rajasthan, where cow protection against diseases and raids was a definitive aspect of the lives of pastoral communities.

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Want a dialogue with all parties to settle the Ayodhya dispute, says union minister Uma Bharti

Union Minister Uma Bharti has said that leaders across party lines must come together and sort out the Ayodhya dispute through dialogue. She also said that those in the government want to build a temple at the disputed site but will need support from