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Is Akhilesh Yadav doing a Narendra Modi? Consider these similarities

Akhilesh Yadav, the scion of the Samajwadi Party and the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, seems to have paid close attention to the drum of development Modi had been beating

Hindus, Muslims come together across India against a backdrop of religious intolerance

In a spate of small but heart-warming incidents across the country, Muslims and Hindus are coming together to set examples of communal harmony.


The state did it

Varshney makes an incoherent argument about ineffectual bureaucracies and their administrative capacity to control riots.

In Vadodara, saffron, green flags vie for supremacy

Commissioner of Police says the city force is prepared to ensure that no violation of law and order occurs during the festivities.

Muslim man arranges cremation of Hindu 'sister'

Aslam Beg of the same village made Yashodra her 'rakhi sister' and urged her to treat him as her elder brother.

VHP issues diktat not to allow Muslims at garba venue

The Hindu outfit had threatened to take direct action of arresting him and handing over to the police.


After BJP MLA’s call for ban on Muslim men in garbas, orders go out: no ID cards, no entry

Ostensibly, the administration claims this is to stop entry of “unauthorised participants and criminal elements”.

This selective outrage

The SC rulings in Sarla Mudgal and Lily Thomas have not stopped the horrendous practice of married men committing fraud.