Hindu Muslim divide

Hindu Muslim divide News

Need more teams. Youth fight when they have nothing else to do: Shahruk Khan, Trilokpuri resident

Last week, Trilokpuri, a communally sensitive locality in East Delhi, witnessed a clash of another kind — a cricket match organised by the Delhi Police to bridge the gap between its Hindu and Muslim communities.

Innoculating identities

This historical putsch concomitantly finds inclusion in school textbooks wherein different inhabitants of a common geographical/demographical space are inscribed in specific and essentialised forms of representation


AAP, Congress, accuse ‘Hindutva elements’ of stoking violence

The AAP and the Congress closed ranks to accuse the BJP, the RSS and the Bajrang Dal of inciting violence in the area.

BJP's Hindu-Muslim politics hurting national security: Rahul Gandhi

BJP rose in Gujarat riding on the problems within Congress.