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Hindi must be made mandatory till Class 8, says new policy draft

Sources said the committee handed over its report to the HRD Ministry last month before its tenure ended on December 31, 2018.

Hindi Diwas 2018: 5 ways to help your child learn the language

Hindi Diwas 2018: To help your child develop an interest in Hindi literature, introduce him or her to children’s books in Hindi.


Jaipur Lit Fest: How will Hindi benefit Indian leaders at UN who can't speak it, asks Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor said that Hindi is "not the national language of India. Though with the Bollywood’s popularity, some Hindi is also being understood in the South which is a good thing". He said if Hindi was given top priority, 50-55 per cent people will be at a disadvantage.

SC junks plea to make Hindi compulsory from Class I-VIII

The CJI said: “Why does he not ask his party to do it? He belongs to the governing party. He is part of the government.”

By pushing Hindi is the government pushing it?

Language cannot be imposed upon people. Imposition spawns resistance. There are several instances in history that serve as evidence, including the history of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)

Centre to promote use of Hindi in South India, Northeast: Jitendra Singh

Union Minister Jitendra Singh says that Hindi serves a larger purpose for youngsters who aspire to get jobs in corporate sectors


As Indian as Biryani

Since the British rule, Hindi and Urdu have constantly been communalised.

In Gujarat, Hindi is a primary hurdle for school students

In Class VII, highest hard items (52.78 per cent) were found in Hindi and the lowest in English (11.11 per cent). In Class VIII, highest (40 per cent) hard points in mathematics and the lowest (8.33 per cent) in English.

Hindi can unite India, "chase away" English: RSS organ

"Hindi's ability to unite India is a threat to all those forces which want the country to remain enslaved to English," said RSS' Panchjanya.

Language Politics

An article in the Organiser discusses the failure of the reservation policy in India. According to it, instead of reducing the number of reserved castes, the policy has caused their count to increase.

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