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Whether Hindi or any other tongue, there has to be a strong practical reason to learn it

A language, after all, is a device for communication between people. This is a point that we need to remember, always.

Tamil Nadu: DMK calls for statewide protest on September 20 against Amit Shah's Hindi pitch

"DMK will protest across Tamil Nadu districts on September 20 at 10 am against central government's decision on the imposition of Hindi language. The decision was taken at the party's high-level committee meeting," Stalin said.


Committed to promote Kannada, won't compromise: Yediyurappa after Amit Shah's Hindi push

The BJP leader's remarks came days after Union Home Minister Amit Shah emphasised on the responsibility to promote Hindi as the national language.

Kamal Haasan: No 'Shah, Sultan or Samrat' can break promise on protecting our culture

We respect all languages, but our mother language will always be Tamil, said Makkal Needhi Maiam leader Kamal Haasan.

Amit Shah's claim that Hindi unifies India is absurd: Pinarayi Vijayan

Taking on Union Home Minister Amit Shah over his remarks that it it the "national responsibility that Hindi expands and propers", Vijayan said the decision to inflict the language upon the citizens "amounts to enslaving them".

Happy Hindi Diwas 2019: Wishes Images, Quotes, Status, Wallpaper, SMS, Messages, Photos, Pics, and Pictures

Happy Hindi Diwas 2019 Wishes Images, Quotes, Status, Wallpapers, Messages, SMS, Photos: To showcase the importance of the day and the language, Hindi Diwas is celebrated across schools, colleges, office and organisations.


Amit Shah for Hindi as ‘language of country’; Opposition warns of strife

In his speech at the Hindi Diwas event, Shah repeatedly underlined the pre-eminence of Hindi. However, Shah added that he didn’t consider multiple languages existing in the country a 'liability', unlike 'many people'.

Amit Shah's 'Hindi' push invites Opposition's ire; AIADMK, DMK against 'imposition'

On the occasion of Hindi Diwas 2019, Shah made an appeal to make Hindi the “common” language in India. Taking to Twitter, the Home Minister said it was important to have a common language in the country that becomes the “mark of India’s identity globally”.

Amit Shah's push for Hindi draws sharp reaction from Stalin

DMK chief MK Stalin on Amit Shah statement on Hindi Diwas 2019: “When our Constitution says all languages must be treated with equality, the Home Minister’s statement which upholds Hindi above other languages is disrupting India’s Integrity."

Amit Shah on Hindi Diwas 2019: 'Hindi can string India together in unity'

Amit Shah said that it is important to have a common language that becomes the mark of India's identity globally. Today, if there is one language that has the ability to string the nation together in unity, it is the Hindi language."