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Hacking of car's internal computers can kill millions, risk national security: Expert

Car hacking should be considered a national security issue, as hackers can "kill millions" of people using hijacked cars, warned an expert.

Flight with Amit Mitra on board recieved bomb threat call, makes emergency landing

Immediately Bomb sqaud, AAI Fire services and all other concerned agencies were informed. The flight landed safely at 9.38 pm and was parked at Bay Number 23.


US investigators suspect missing Malaysia jetliner flew for hours after losing contact

The report, based on two anonymous sources, says that the plane flew on for four hours after losing contact.

Somali pirates seize Taiwanese fishing vessel

Somali pirates have seized a Taiwanese fishing vessel with 14 crew onboard in the southernmost hijacking yet.

Somali pirates hijack ship with 18 Filipinos on board

Somali pirates have hijacked a Marshall-flagged chemical tanker carrying 18 Filipino sailors in the southern Red Sea.

Terror scare: Spicejet flight makes 'priority' landing

A Spicejet flight made a 'priority landing' after after a burqa-clad person aroused suspicion.


’84 hijacking: Accused booked under NSA

Parminder Singh Saini (46),who was deported on Wednesday from Canada for his role in the Indian Airlines plane hijacking in 1984...

Russian Navy arrests eight 'pirates' who seized cargo ship

The Russian Navy has arrested eight suspected pirates for the hijacking of cargo ship Arctic Sea in Swedish waters.

Pakistan lift ban on Sharif running for office

Former Pak premier Sharif had been banned from office after being found guilty of hijacking the then army chief Pervez Musharraf's plane in 1999.