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NHAI awarded projects worth Rs 1.22 lakh crore in Financial Year 18

"..In last 5 years, the average length of road projects awarded by NHAI was 2,860 Km with 4,335 Km awarded in the last financial year," NHAI said in a statement.

Highways can be used for laying optic fibre, oil & gas pipes: Nitin Gadkari

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari today said the country's about 2 lakh kilometres of highways can be used for laying optic fibre and oil and gas pipes, which will help the road ministry earn additional revenues.


Chewing on freshly-made gur along Punjab's highways

At several places in the sugarcane growing belts of Punjab, cars, buses and other vehicles can be seen halted at places where local farmers are making fresh 'gur' at makeshift jaggery-making units.

PM Narendra Modi takes the wheel to remove stumbling blocks in road-building

PM Modi placed a $12.6 billion bet in this year's budget on road building, with $16 billion more to be spent on railways

Close down alcohol shops on sides of highways: Nitin Gadkari

The new road safety system shall provide employment to 5 lakh people while bringing in transparency and reducing corruption.

Step up patrolling and install CCTV cameras on highways,says victim

A resident of Wakad,Revatram Dayaram Chowdhary’s bitter experience of travelling private cars has made him cautious.


Robbery by cab drivers on highways on the rise

Hiring private cars from city’s exit points to Mumbai or Bangalore fast becoming an unsafe option; IT professionals become soft targets even as the police step up security measures

6 showpieces: Deadlines fixed,deadlines missed

The schedule for award of the airport projects too is likely to be missed.

Secretaries panel to ensure infra projects stay out of courts

The government plans to form an empowered group of officers to help the Cabinet Committee on Investments clear projects faster

Jayalalithaa shunts out senior babus close to Karunanidhi govt

50 officers transferred in two batches,all major departments have new secretaries