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Zinc deficiency may lead to high blood pressure: Study

The findings revealed, zinc deficiency (ZnD) is a common comorbidity of many chronic diseases. In these settings, ZnD exacerbates hypertension.

High blood pressure during pregnancy can cause dementia later, study

Suffering from pre-eclampsia increases the risk of vascular dementia by almost double and the risk is even higher for women over the age of 65.


Depression in older adults with high BP may delay recovery

Older adults who have major depressive disorder (MDD, also known as depression) are at higher risk for having problems thinking and making decisions. They are more likely to have trouble performing their regular daily activities and managing their personal care.

Facebook Live saves woman who collapsed from high blood pressure

The audience watching a US woman leading her daily prayer service on Facebook Live helped save her life when she suddenly passed out in the middle of the service.

New high BP guideline a ‘wake-up call’ for lifestyle change, say cardiologists

The American Heart Association’s recent decision — to lower the baseline blood pressure parameters and redefine high blood pressure as a reading of 130/80, down from 140/90 — has been welcomed by various Mumbai-based cardiologists and surgeons.

Skin helps regulate blood pressure: study

If hypertension is not treated, it can get progressively worse and result in reduced flow of blood through small blood vessels in the skin and other parts of the body. Read on to know more.


Frequent sauna bathing may regulate BP in men

Regular sauna bathing improves the function of the inside layer of blood vessels, which has beneficial effects on systemic blood pressure.

Exposure to air pollution could increase risk of high blood pressure

High blood pressure has been identified as a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

Belly fat increases high BP risk

People with fat around their abdominal area are at a great risk of developing hypertension.

78000 infants die of congenital heart disease in India every year, say doctors

Every year 1.5 lakh infants are born in India with congenital heart disease. Lack of awareness also increasing risk of heart attacks.