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Heritage Hunt: ‘Hero Stones’ pay tribute to naval warriors of Shilahara dynasty

The stones, also called ‘Veeragal’, have intricate carvings and are made of flat basalt. About 8-ft high, the stones were built as a tribute to warriors of the Shilahara dynasty navy.

Ladies' Club or century-old Armenian church? A mystery building in Assam's Dhubri

Assam’s conservationists believe that there might be a century-old Armenian Church in Dhubri but caught as it is in a bureaucratic quagmire, investigations have not made any headway.


Assam’s Kaziranga, Rang Ghar removed from Centre’s Adopt-a-Heritage scheme

Four sites in Assam — Sivsagar district’s Rang Ghar, Kareng Ghar and Siva Dol, and the Kaziranga National Park — to be excluded from the 'Adopt-a-Heritage' scheme, says Centre.

Protests in Assam against inclusion of four sites in Centre’s 'Adopt-a-Heritage' project

The protesting bodies have been called by the State government for a meeting on Saturday to discuss the matter.

UT to check authenticity of furniture items, manhole covers attributed to Corbusier

A senior official said that they would have to check the casting of all the manhole covers as they have been told that two kinds of impressions of Chandigarh master plan have been found — one, where sectors are raised and roads are depressed, and the other where roads are raised and sectors are depressed.

Civic body plans survey to restore all Grade I heritage milestones

The list of protected heritage structures, said to have been built before the 1830s, has 15 such milestones located from Horniman Circle to Sion


Supreme Court comes to the rescue of heritage properties in Fatehpur Sikri

World heritage properties in Fatehpur Sikri have drawn the attention of the Supreme Court.

Decrepit in Chennai: In the city ruin follows everywhere

Veteran historian S Muthiah says awareness about heritage is on the rise in Chennai today.

Rooted in Fashion

From Bhutan's rich textiles to the Indian Chanderi,veteran designer Ritu Kumar's latest collections celebrate heritage

Crumbling heritage

One of the oldest documented Islamic palaces is being torn down right under the nose of the local authorities.