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Thursday, July 29, 2021

herbal tea


Herbal tea remedies for regulating period flow

January 28, 2021 4:53 pm

Try these super easy remedies to beat the period blues

Feel bloated? Count on this simple tea for relief

December 07, 2020 6:19 pm

Here is a simple home remedy by ayurvedic expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar that may help. Would you like to try?

Teas and immunity: Here’s what you need to know

September 24, 2020 10:50 am

Herbal teas are good for you. But do you know which ones? Here’s your go-to guide

Replace traditional milk tea with this tasty, herbal preparation

August 10, 2020 9:10 am

Count on this easy herbal remedy to fight your milk tea addiction

Know the benefits of Blue Shankhpushpi flower tea

June 17, 2020 6:40 pm

Shankhpushpi, which is also known as Asian pigeonwings, Shankhini, Kambumalini, Sadaphuli and Sankhaphuli, is popularly used as a memory booster and brain tonic. The flower got its name owing to its conch-like shape.

Like chai? Begin your day with these easy immunity-boosting tea recipes

April 08, 2020 9:30 am

Bored with your regular tea? Add some extra flavour to your chai sessions with these easy tea recipes, straight from chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Looking to lose weight? Count on these five healthy teas

December 18, 2019 2:43 pm

If you are struggling with weight loss, here are some types of teas that can help you.

Cold, flu or sore throat: Why this herbal tea or 'kaadha' is a blessing in disguise

November 28, 2019 3:01 pm

Although there are zillions of home remedies when it comes to cold and flu, this herbal drink can hardly be given a miss.

Boost immunity with chamomile-infused drinks; other health benefits of this antioxidant-rich herb

May 06, 2019 1:10 pm

Chamomile tea is rich in flavonoids which possess antioxidant and anti-microbial properties that are good for health.

From ginger to chamomile: Five types of herbal teas and their health benefits

February 19, 2019 4:51 pm

Here are some benefits of certain herbal teas that you might want to know. They are easy to make and you can incorporate them into your daily wellness routine. Enjoy a warm brew.