Henderson Brooks report

Henderson Brooks report News

The same secrecy

BJP’s reluctance to declassify the Henderson Brooks report reflects a disappointing turnaround.

BJP U-turn: Making ’62 war report public won’t be in national interest

Jaitley’s latest stand is in complete contrast to the stand he and his party had taken against Naville Maxwell.


So that 1962 is history

Let’s confront the civil-military trends Henderson Brooks report points to.

The Henderson Brooks morality play

It’s nice to finally have the report. But let’s not swallow it uncritically.

1962 war report: Govt advocated caution, Army dictated policy that was militarily unsound

Report was commissioned by the Army more than half a century ago and were made public on Monday by Australian journalist.

‘Mistakes, lapses of staff sitting in Delhi without stress of battle more heinous than errors by commanders in field of battle’

Excerpts from sections of the classified Henderson Brooks report on the 1962 India-China war that became public Monday.


1963, still

India’s ostrich-like approach to archival material makes 1962 war an unresolved moment in history.

Not enough written about our military engagements: N N Vohra

Counter insurgency expert Lt Gen V K Nayar's autobiography released

India-China war: Release Henderson Brooks report,says BJYM

Henderson Brooks report probed the causes of India's defeat in the 1962 war with China.