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Eating more plant-based foods may be linked to better heart health: Study

Prior studies have shown heart-health benefits from plant-based diets but only in specific populations of people, such as vegetarians or Seventh Day Adventists who eat a mostly vegan diet.

Vacations are good for your heart, says study

While there has been much anecdotal evidence about the benefits of taking a vacation from work, researchers from Syracuse University in the US reveal the benefits of a vacation for our heart health.


Almonds may boost heart health in diabetic people

While the almond diet offered better overall nutritional quality, neither diet with or without almonds improved blood sugar status, nor most cardiovascular risk factors as was expected. However, researchers found that among a subset.

Midlife fitness may boost your heart health

A new study states that people with high fitness during their middle age are less likely to develop or die from heart diseases later in their lives. The effect of low fitness is real on heart diseases as well as depression.

Four cups of coffee a day keeps the heart doctor away for the elderly

A new study states that the elderly can benefit from consuming four cups of coffee daily. The caffeine intake helps enhance heart functioning as well as help recover from heart attacks.

Decoded: Why heart function is reduced at high altitude

Many people who visit high altitudes suffer from "Chronic Mountain Sickness", which occurs when there is lower oxygen pressure present. It results in shortness of breath, headache, and a fast heartbeat.


An egg a day may keep heart diseases away

Daily egg consumers (up to one egg per day) had a 26 per cent lower risk of haemorrhagic stroke, a 28 per cent lower risk of haemorrhagic stroke death and an 18 per cent lower risk of cardiovascular diseases death.

Drinking 'grassmilk' may boost heart health

The findings, published in the journal Food Science and Nutrition, showed that grassmilk brings the omega-6/omega-3 ratio to a near one to one, compared to 5.7 to one in conventional whole milk.

Why stress, fear trigger heart attacks

Scientists have come up with an explanation to why a sudden shock, stress and fear may trigger heart attack.

Two alcoholic drinks per day may improve heart health: study

People need to consider not only how much alcohol they drink,but way in which they drink.