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Stem cell therapy to treat heart-failure

A new study has found that human stem cell treatment can possibly return the functioning of the heart to 90% normal in those with heart failure. This study was carried out on macaque monkeys first.

No exercise for 6 years can trigger heart failure risk

While it is known that people who are more physically active have lower risks of heart failure than those who are less active, but little is known about the impact of changes in exercise levels over time on heart failure risk.


Heart failure, blood clotting in children can be controlled by soft robotic system

Scientists have designed a soft robotic system with artificial muscles that can assist cardiac function in children who have one-sided heart conditions.

Know the signs of heart failure

Feeling of palpitations and heart throbbing suggests that the heart would be pumping faster to compensate for the reduced functional capacity of the heart.

Optimism tied to lower risk of heart failure

The most optimistic people had a 73 per cent reduced risk of heart failure over the follow-up period.

Flu shot halves risk of stroke in heart patients

Study reviewed six clinical trials on heart health in people who received the flu vaccine.


New class of drug targets heart disease

First phase of clinical trials will take two to three years,once the drug is perfected.

Ecuador striker Benitez,27,dies of heart failure

Ecuador international striker Christian Benitez died in Qatar on Monday of heart failure at the age of 27

Heart failure survivors at greater risk for cancer

Trend could be attributed to increased surveillance,side effects of treatments,says researchers.

Cure heart failure with synthetic virus via pioneering gene therapy?

Two new studies hope to offer hope to those with heart failure struggling to lead a normal life.