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Some quick post-workout snack ideas to keep hunger pangs away

Experts insist on eating a snack — containing both carbohydrate and protein — roughly 30-60 minutes post workout.

Healthy menus begin with a healthier choice: Try millet seekh kebabs

Little millet is rich in fibre, slow digesting carbohydrates and antioxidants. It is an ideal food for diabetics as it prevents abnormal spikes in blood sugar levels.


Spicy Millet Cupcakes: A healthy and delicious surprise for your palate

Read more to know about the healthy ingredients that have gone into it, followed by its step-by-step recipe. Do try making these Spicy Millet Cupcakes at home.

Time for some healthy indulgence with superfood amaranth

As the season changes, we naturally crave for some crunchy snacks which would go amazingly well with the overall monsoon mood.

Fitness trends that were a huge hit in 2018

This year saw the rise of the Pilates and TRX, plogging too gained momentum. With the year coming to an end, we bring you the most popular fitness trends of 2018.

Balancing Act

Getting the body,mind and spirit to a state of equilibrium is Soorya Kaur’s persistent practice.


How to read your own body language

Your body is a reflection of your health,and every day it sends out signals.

How an active sex life keeps one young,toned,healthy

Sex makes one look and feel young by boosting the skin's production of Vitamin D.

Overweight and still healthy?

The idea that people can be overweight and yet still quite healthy began gaining scientific and popular credence some years ago....

Can divorce make you ill?

Married people tend to be healthier than single people. But what happens when a marriage ends?

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Gardening ideas: Ward off air pollution with these indoor plants

Children living in polluted cities have higher chances of developing brain inflammation and neurodegenerative changes that raise the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. Ward off air pollution at home with these indoor plants.