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World Sleep Day 2019: 10 rules for a perfect bedtime routine for your baby

World Sleep Day: If you try to make your baby sleep forcefully, you will fail miserably. When they get tired, he/she automatically dozes off without much effort. Hence, playing some fun game before bedtime is a brilliant idea.

World Sleep Day 2019: The best and worst sleeping positions you need to know about

A good sleeping habit includes maintaining the natural curve of your spine and aligning your neck, back and hips when lying down.


Midday napping may be effective in lowering high blood pressure: Study

The study was conducted by researchers at the Asklepieion General Hospital in Voula, Greece.

A good night's sleep can improve your body's immune response: Study

The importance of sleep for one's mental and physical well-being has been highlighted by various studies time and again. However, a new study has established a link between sleep and the body's immune system.

Rocking like a baby helps adults sleep better: Study

The same report states that the rocking motion helps adults in sleeping better and also improves their memory. Those who were examined spent around three nights at the sleep laboratory in Geneva. It was deduced that those who were rocked slept for a longer period of time.

Too much sleep may lead to early death: Study

According to a new global study published in the European Heart Journal, sleep exceeding the recommended six to eight hours per night for adults may lead to an increased risk of early mortality and cardiovascular disease. 


This is the body part that never goes to sleep

A recent study has found that ears remain active even when you have dozed off. The only reason why you cannot recollect the exact events or words is perhaps because of the brain, which rejects any external information received by the ears once you are asleep.

Why music is used as a potential sleep aid?

Sleep loss is a widespread problem and poses serious physical and economic consequences. The study found that music both stimulates sleep and blocks an internal or external stimulus that would otherwise disrupt sleep.

Kids need to sleep in late. Are schools and parents listening?

"They are attempting to sleep when their clock is signalling the body to remain awake yet rising when their clock is signalling the body to remain asleep."

Struggling to get out of the bed in the morning? You might have Dysania

Dysania is also called Clinomania where the Greek word clino means bed and mania means addiction which makes the literal meaning of the disorder to be 'addiction of bed'.