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Go healthy with this Black Rice Tarts and Mango-Chia Seed Topping recipe

A healthy indulgence to achieve your fitness goals.

Start your day with these nutritious recipes and feel energetic throughout the day

Porridge is a wholesome meal that gives you the right amount of nutrition to kick-start your day.


Cauli pizza to pav bhaji pizza: 7 vegetarian pizza recipes you can try at home

Make these healthy and delicious vegetarian pizzas for your kids.

Quick and yummy tiffin recipes

Quick, healthy and delicious...perfect for your child's tiffin!

Power breakfast: Meal smoothies for the family

These power-packed smoothies ensure you don’t do overtime in the kitchen and keep you and your family healthy!  

Kids craving soft drinks? Try smoothies instead

Try this simple recipe of a shake that is a great way to start the day—for both you and your kids!


Enjoy the monsoon with these recipes from the hills of Mussoorie!

Kandali is also known as nettle grass or Bicchu Boot. Nettle grass helps keep us warm during the monsoon and winter seasons. It also helps to increase immunity.

Cook these healthy mood-lifters for the family!

"I love these fritters, which my grandmother used to make for me, and now cook it for my daughter, who enjoys it thoroughly.”

Express recipes: Try this delicious Brown Spinach Rice for a healthier you

White rice is what gives rice its bad reputation for causing diabetes or weight gain. Brown rice, on the other hand, does exactly the opposite! Here's an easy and delicious recipe for Brown Spinach Rice that you can try out.

Looking for healthy comfort food? Try out this Black Sticky Rice recipe with Black-Eyed Peas

Considered to be rich in anthocyanin, black sticky rice helps keep diabetes and heart diseases in check, prevents cancer, and control blood sugar levels.