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World Heart Day 2019: Simple ways to prevent heart attack and stay healthy

World Heart Day 2019: Ensure that your diet comprises a balance of nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals.

These healthy food and workout ideas may result in keeping your heart healthy

A plant-based diet or limiting processed food and animal products, and focusing more on whole foods gives your body a variety of micronutrients, minerals and fibre.


Drinking coffee may not cause stiff arteries, says study

The study, by researchers from the Queen Mary University of London in the UK, of over 8,000 people debunks previous studies that claimed drinking coffee increases arterial stiffness.

Women may be at a greater cardiac risk due to snoring

People who snore should get screened for OSA and those with OSA should be properly treated, Curta suggested. Treatment is dependent on the cause of an individual's OSA.

For a good heart health, strength training is better than aerobics: Study

According to the study featured in the 2018 American College of Cardiology Latin America Conference, exercises that build strength can benefit the heart more than aerobic activities, such as walking and cycling. 

Reusing oil to fry food increases trans fats, causes heart diseases

In markets, biscuits and bhujias are cooked in vanaspati so that they can be preserved for long which leads to intake of trans fats, a leading killer.


How accurate is your fitness tracker?

You can rely on a fitness tracker's heart rate measurements but checking how many calories you burnt is a really bad idea.

Addicted to chocolates? Here's why it may be good for your heart

Eating excessive amounts of chocolate is not recommended because many chocolate products are high in calories.

Donate blood to keep your heart healthy

If you are a shift worker, donating blood could be an easy way to reduce the risk of heart disease, says a study

Flu shot halves risk of stroke in heart patients

Study reviewed six clinical trials on heart health in people who received the flu vaccine.