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Easy ways to become a morning person

It is always advised to set your alarm clock in a different room so that you need to leave your bed to turn it off. What better way to say goodbye to that snooze button!

How the author of ‘Genius Foods’ - a book about optimizing brain function through diet - spends his Sundays

As soon as he wakes up, Max Lugavere goes straight into the kitchen and drinks a tall glass of room-temperature water. Read on to know more.


Want to stay fit? Follow these simple tips

Sonia Narang, a nutritionist speaks about how not getting distracted while eating and having protein for breakfast could help you stay fit.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle could reduce cancer risk

You can avoid cancer by dropping bad habits and a defective lifestyle, and adopting a new healthy lifestyle with healthy habits.

Get Up. Get Out. Don’t Sit

An hour’s sitting — which is what people do while watching TV — can cut an adult’s life expectancy by 20 mins,shows study

Adopting healthy habits at work can help employees keep weight off

Some simple changes to promote healthy habits at work can help to prevent employees from gaining weight.


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Stay young: Follow these simple tips

Growing older takes away our youthful looks. Kiran Lohia, medical director of Lumiere Dermatology, shares a few healthy tips for skin.