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From spinach to eggs: Some of the most healthy foods you can find in your kitchen

Incorporate these healthy foods in your daily diet to maintain your health and fitness levels.

Popular food items that are sold as 'healthy' products but aren't

Sweeteners and fats are some 'hidden ingredients' that can be found in products sold under the healthy category. Which is why it becomes extremely necessary to know and understand each product you come across is the ingredient list.


From almond flour to honey: Replace the ingredients in your dessert recipes with these healthy substitutes

Give a healthy makeover to your baking recipes with these nutritious substitutes. From bananas replacing oil to jaggery replacing sugar, you can now push away your guilt while eating desserts.

From bananas to dark chocolate: Gain weight with these foods in a healthy way

From milk to rice and dry fruits, here are some easily available foods you can add to your diet to gain some healthy weight. Because it is important to focus on the right food.

From dates to dark chocolate: 5 healthy foods to satisfy your sugar cravings

From dates to dark chocolates and sweet potatoes, here are a few ways to satisfy your sweet tooth, the healthy way! While some have essential vitamins and minerals, others are rich in protein and calcium.

The humble dhaniya is great for your eyes, skin and menstrual cycle: Benefits of coriander

The humble coriander leaves are ubiquitous in Indian kitchens, but they also tend to be underappreciated because of their availability and low cost. But don't let these factors fool you. The green leaf is a powerhouse of goodness, and is greatly beneficial for your holistic wellness. Here's why.


Stop the 'Kissa Quinoa, Couscous aur Kale ka', and switch to rajgira or millet instead

The growing demand for quinoa in India and across the world is gravely affecting communities in South America and Mexico. But there are some signs of hope yet.

Enjoy black coffee? You may be a psychopath

A new study brings out the dark side of coffee; connects black coffee with Machiavellianism, sadism and narcissism.

You can train your brain to prefer healthy foods

It may be possible to train the brain to prefer healthy low-calorie foods over unhealthy higher-calorie foods.

Steps of Survival

Tobacco is a leading cause of cancer for men.

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6 healthy alternatives to red meat

Delhi-based fitness and nutrition specialist Shalini Tugnait suggests 6 equally healthy alternatives to include in your diet instead of red meat.