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Do you know where makhana grows? Know some facts and health benefits of this healthy food

Apart from being a tea time snack, it is also used in curries and kheer.

From Quinoa Salad to Stir-Fried Seasonal Greens: Start your weekend with these healthy recipes

Eating healthy is beneficial for the body. So why not indulge in these delicious healthy recipes with your friends and family.


From almond flour to honey: Replace the ingredients in your dessert recipes with these healthy substitutes

Give a healthy makeover to your baking recipes with these nutritious substitutes. From bananas replacing oil to jaggery replacing sugar, you can now push away your guilt while eating desserts.

Following a vegan diet? Make sure your kids are not missing vital nutrients

World Vegan Day 2018: As part of a vegan diet, your child should be encouraged to eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables, since with cooked food some of the vitamins might be lost.

Build your child's health with colours, not whites

Fix a grocery shopping day along with your teens, making sure they read labels well and pick a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Encourage them to pick natural, plant-based foods rather than packaged foods.

10 immunity boosting foods that don't cost a bomb

Bugs Bunny rarely came down with the flu, and there is a reason why. Carrots, his food of choice, contain loads of beta-carotene, which gets converted into vitamin A in the body.


From yogurt to dark chocolate, here are some foods that can curb sugar cravings

Thanks to cheap access to sugary treats, controlling your sugar craving can get a little tough. Here are some foods you can pick up instead of ordering in for a tub or ice cream or a box of doughnuts to take the edge off. 

From bananas to dark chocolate: Gain weight with these foods in a healthy way

From milk to rice and dry fruits, here are some easily available foods you can add to your diet to gain some healthy weight. Because it is important to focus on the right food.

From cheese to almonds and eggs: Include these 'good fats' in your diet

While food rich in fat have earned a bad reputation and are often blamed for an increasing waistline, the truth is that the right kind of fat, when taken in the right amount, is actually good for your health.

Express Recipes: 'Bajra Raab'; the natural health drink

Traditionally, raab was often given to growing children and also pregnant and nursing women for its nutritional values like high fibre, high protein and minerals like iron, phosphorous and magnesium.

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Top 6: Food items to keep you fuller, fit

Feeling hungry all the time is one of the major reasons why most diets fail. shares a list of healthy and satisfying food items. (Text: IANS)