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Teach your kids healthy nutrition practices at an early age

The family environment has a primary influence in the development of food habits. Parents and siblings have a significant impact on the child's habits. It's the duty of parents to provide children with a proper balanced diet, and also give them the chance to choose healthy foods.

Filipino cuisine to ancient Indian ingredients: Food trends to watch out for in 2019

Food trends might be of interest to foodies alone, but you can't deny their soft power. Every year, experts list out the trends that are expected to make a difference in the food scene and this time, we have a few interesting ones.


Study says mindful eating may be an effective technique to lose weight

Not only can mindful eating improve one's physical well-being and help in maintaining a healthy weight, it can also show a marked improvement in one's mental well-being. 

Family dinners can promote healthy eating habits in teenagers

The research has found that family dinners are a great way to improve the dietary intake of the whole family, regardless of how well the family functions together.

How to sneak fruits and vegetables into your child’s daily diet

Get creative! Children don't like big chunks of vegetables, so use small pieces of veggies and make a colourful dish that attracts your child’s attention.

The food, gut and mood connection

Balancing your gut with good probiotic bacteria, you can help your preteen create a happy brain. Disturb the balance and get ready to have a cranky, unwell, unhappy child.


Eating potatoes four times a week may up high BP risk

Replacing one serving a day of potatoes with one serving of a non-starchy vegetable may lower hypertension.

Coffee, wine may be good for your gut bacteria: Study

Researchers found that consuming tea, wine, coffee and buttermilk positively influenced microbial diversity in the gut.

Eat less to boost your sex life: Study

According to an interesting study, eating less can not only help people lose weight, calorie restriction can improve mood and cut tension, leading to super sex drive.

Low-calorie diet linked to sexual wellness

A low-calorie diet improved mood, reduced tension and improved general health and sexual drive and relationship after a period of two years.

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What do 200 calories of different foods look like?

Some foods have significantly more calories than others but what does the difference actually look like. Take a look.