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Like instant coffee, instant idli is also possible now

Dr Mahalakshmi Nagubandi and Ayyappa Nagubandi describe the concept of automation of food while pointing out how idlis make for a filling dish.

Why a protein-rich breakfast is key to your child’s health

Apart from at least seven hours of school, a child may have tuition classes, pursue sports and work towards refining a life skill such as learning music or cooking or swimming! Therefore, it is necessary that children eat a protein-rich breakfast to support a healthy and active lifestyle.


Here's why your child should eat oats for breakfast

Oats provide several impressive health benefits and add variety to breakfast.

Breakfast, the most important meal for children

They must set a good example for their children by consuming a sumptuous breakfast themselves. Children tend to imitate the behaviour of adults, so if they don’t see their parents eating well, they are likely to deprive themselves of the required nutrition.

Have mushroom-rich breakfast to maintain healthy weight

Having mushrooms in breakfast controls your hunger pangs and has nutritional benefits as well. It is a great substitute for meat as both mushrooms and meat contain comparable amounts of calories.

Ditch the omelette for this hidden eggs recipe for a healthy breakfast

Try this 'hidden eggs' recipe if you are tired of the same old bread-omelette combination.


Express Recipes: Make this healthy sprout and barley pancake for breakfast

Traditionally made in Gujarat with besan, this version of the puda uses bajra with sprouts, which makes for a wholesome breakfast or snack.

Cold cereal might beat a hot breakfast

Among breakfast-skippers,cereal eaters,and kids who had 'other' breakfasts,the cereal-eaters came out on top for healthiest diets.