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Should you consume the banana peel? Find out here

The peel makes up about 35 per cent of the fruit. And, by using it, you are not only minimising food waste, but also bringing in some vitamins and minerals to your diet.

Sleep plays essential role in ensuring the brain receives necessary repairs: Study

The findings add to the evidence that mechanisms related to sleep play an essential role in ensuring that the brain receives necessary repairs and continues to function correctly.


Common cold to weight loss: Here are some health benefits of eating oranges during winters

Apart from being good for your tastebuds, oranges boost immunity levels in the cold weather. Right from dry and dull skin to weak digestive systems, citrus fruits are a one-stop home remedy for all these problems.

Not just moms, dads too must avoid alcohol before conception, says study

Congenital heart diseases are the most common birth defects, with approximately 1.35 million babies affected every year.

Does eating red meat affect health? The risk could be low, says study

Evidence that reducing the intake of processed and unprocessed red meat would reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and early death was, in most cases, low to very low certainty.

Cinnamon for diabetes: Simple tips to add the common Indian spice to your diet

Consuming cinnamon promotes the release of insulin from the pancreas and boosts insulin sensitivity that helps in the processing of glucose. Here's how you can include cinnamon in your diet in a few simple ways.


Taking up running after 50? It’s never too late to shine

Past studies show that competitive athletes in their 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s tend to have more and healthier muscle mass, stronger hearts and much less body fat than non-athletes of the same age.

South Indian cuisine is Anil Kapoor's fitness mantra; here's why

The actor who has the vigour and youthful vibe recently credited the humble idli sambar as one of the secrets behind his fitness.

Know about the many health benefits of the spiny gourd or kantola

The spiky texture of this green vegetable makes it naturally unattractive. However, this veggie is not just healthy but also low in calories.

Immunity-boosting foods to fight viral and flu during monsoon

There are a few food items that can help you counter viral and influenza by enhancing the body's immunity system. Click here to know about them.

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10 reasons to eat MORE CHOCOLATE!

Chocolate Day 2018: Chocolates need not be guilty pleasures any more! From keeping your heart strong to making your skin glow, your dark favourite chocolate can actually give you lots of health benefits.

6 fast facts about why you should include green beans in your diet

From giving amazing eye care benefits to helping you keep a healthy heart, here are a few facts on how green beans can benefit your dietary intake and why you should include a healthy portion of beans in your food.


Global Handwashing Day: 7 deadly diseases you can avoid by washing your hands

Do you avoid washing hands thinking that it isn't so important? You may be wrong. On Global Handwashing Day, take a look at these diseases that may grip you for life.

White pepper: 8 life-changing health benefits

White pepper can help you out with digestive issues, dental problems, toothache and weak eyesight. It is an amazing storehouse of health benefits and you will be surprised at how it can improve your health. Read up!

Sleeping, Eating, Having Sex! 12 FUN ways to BURN those pesky calories

It would not be an exaggeration to say that most of us struggle to lose that extra weight. While we are only too aware of the ways to go about it — hitting the gym regularly and watching what we eat — we do not always act upon them. But do not worry, there are other fun ways to lose weight.

Benefits of PEAR: Here are 9 reasons why the wonder fruit is good for you

Pear is filled with antioxidants, minerals and rich fibre content, and is even known to prevent cancer. Low in calories, the wonder fruit is also recommended for pregnant mothers for maintaining optimum health. So what are you waiting for? Dig into one of those delightful wonders now!