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Nail salon workers at high risk of cancer, says study

Researchers stressed that salon customers, however, face significantly fewer risks. The observed levels of air pollution observed are unlikely to have any negative health effects on all but the most vulnerable, such as those who are pregnant or have serious asthma.

Physical activity may offset health risks of desk-bound work

According to the study, physical activity is particularly important for people who sit a lot. Reducing sitting would be a good start but is not enough: the most important lifestyle change for such people would be to look for or create opportunities to move more daily.


Eating food cooked on wood, coal may impair your lungs

It is because solid fuels emit very high levels of pollutants especially very small particles, which penetrate deep into lungs, the researchers explained.

No health risk from cell phone radiation

Radiations emitted by mobile phones and towers do not cause any health hazard, say experts.

Cesarean babies at increased risk of obesity: Study

Some previous studies have suggested that the odds of other adverse long-term outcomes, such asthma and type 1 diabetes in childhood, are also higher in babies born by cesarean.

Health risks higher from packaged greens

The outbreak of a stomach bug,linked to bagged salad came as little surprise to food safety.


Single women at risk of 'dying earlier than married peers'

A new study has found that leading a solo lifestyle could have serious health implications.

Fruit juice may not be that good for your health

New studies claim that the fruit juice is packed with so much sugar that it can be addictive.

Radiation from Japan nuclear plant reaches Nevada

Radioactive isotopes have reached Las Vegas,though experts claim they pose no health risk.

Girls risk heart attack at work

Women with stressful jobs have an increased risk of suffering a heart attack,says a study.