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Now you can buy health insurance policies that also cover mental health

With the aim of making mental healthcare available to all, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), in its exposure draft issued last year, asked mental illnesses to be included in all regular health insurance coverage.

The health insurance plan provided by your office may not be enough

If you want to tick all the boxes when it comes to health insurance, you may find your office-provided policy wanting in certain critical areas


Insurance, false assurance

Enhancing healthcare access requires reducing supply gaps, not giving vouchers and increasing demand.

Government likely to penalise insurance companies for delaying payment under NHPS

The Health Ministry officials said the government has allocated Rs 10,000 crore for the scheme on initial estimation for the financial years 2018-19 and 2019-20.

Health cover scheme: Who, how

With model tender papers out and a key meeting today, PM Health Protection Mission heads for an August launch. Whom does it cover? Which states are part of it, how will it work in states with their own schemes?

Trump plan: Less health insurance for lower premiums

Individuals would be able to buy so-called "short-term'' policies for up to 12 months. But the coverage would omit key consumer protections and offer fewer benefits, making it unattractive for older people or those with health problems.


Meant to be replaced, BPL health insurance scheme will drag on

RSBY will continue for now because the National Health Protection Scheme, which was to have taken its place, has failed to get the cabinet’s nod for 11 months now.

Why should one get a term insurance?

Having a plan that provides financial protection against critical illness enables the family to continue with their regular life without an additional financial burden.

Health Insurance: New changes in policy may be helpful, provided you know them

All health insurance policies offer lifetime renewability as per new IRDA guidelines.

GoM considers expanding health insurance scheme

The new scheme, according to the plan, will cover poor families and labourers, among others, as per deprivation statistics given in the latest socio-economic caste survey (SECC) with a minimum package of Rs 50,000 per family.