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For senior citizens, these are the best ways to invest their money

There are several financial benefits offered to individuals upon crossing the age of 60 years or 80 years. They are offered higher assured returns on investments and greater tax exemptions.

‘Private health insurers cover 65% policy holders’

In terms of channel-wise distribution of medical insurance, individual agents bring in majority of business with 72.9 per cent share, the study said.


Health insurance policy and beyond: Working on a Mona Lisa smile

Personal finance and health insurance policy cover: “At 50,” said author George Orwell,“everyone has the face he deserves”.

Express Money: Ask Us

Yes,there is a waiting period involved. Health insurance cover doesn’t commence immediately after taking the policy

Take care of your health

In these times of uncertainty,it's advisable to take a simple but wise step of buying a personal health insurance policy over and above what the employer has provided,says Ritu Kant Ojha

Ground rules for a hassle free health insurance claim

It is only when the policy holder knows the claims settlement process fully that the benefits of a health insurance policy can be realised


Do I really need health insurance?

The other day at a social function,Aniket Gupta,a 30-year-old aggressive friend of my cousin challenged me to prove why it would be advantageous for him to buy a health insurance policy.