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Here are some health benefits of cold weather

There are some surprising health benefits that come when the temperatures dip. Don't believe us? Read on.

These easy detox drinks are perfect as evening pick-me-ups

For a healthy mind and body, one must take special care of the diet to ensure detoxification at regular intervals.


From building self-esteem to increasing efficiency at work: Know the importance of dance in your life

Taking a cue from Milind Soman's "happiness" activity, here are benefits of dance for all including working professionals who tend to lead a sedentary stressful life.

From stability in blood sugar to liver detox: Here are some health benefits of kalonji

Kalonji, also known as Nigella seeds, is used for special recipes. While these seeds add a plethora of flavours they are also bestowed with several health benefits.

From weight loss to boosting digestion: Here are some health benefits of ginger

Ginger, the wonder ingredient, that is indispensable in an Indian kitchen, is loaded with health benefits.

Jackfruit, the meat alternative for vegans, is loaded with health benefits. Find out how it can help you

From enhancing vision to aiding a well functioning thyroid and improving blood quality, jackfruit is loaded with health benefits.


From weight loss to maintaining BP; the many benefits of Anjeer (fig)

It plays a vital role in weight loss and is generally recommended to obese patients. However, when taken with milk it has an adverse effect and can also result in weight gain. Find out more about its benefits here.

Stale rotis have amazing health benefits that you may not be aware of

From controlling blood pressure levels to keeping diabetes at check, stale chapatis have some amazing health benefits that you may not know of. Know from the experts why you should have stale chapatis in the morning and how!

Running barefoot could boost your memory: Study

'If we take off our shoes and go for a run, we can finish smarter than when we started.'

Drumsticks: One solutions to several health problems

According to her: “To be healthy should be the ultimate goal for all.”

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From improving metabolism to lowering BP: 10 amazing health benefits of Avocado

Avocados contain a lot of vital vitamins, minerals and fibres that help protect the body from a lot of diseases. Besides, it also helps eliminate bad breath and promotes good eye health.