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Maternal exposure to pollen ups risk of asthma in babies

Babies who were born to mothers who were exposed to pollen during the last trimester were found to be at increased risk of developing respiratory diseases says a study. However, the study did not suggest that all babies born during high pollen seasons would develop the disease.

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Spiritual practices in childhood may boost health, cut depression later

Children and adolescents who attended religious services at least weekly were nearly 20 per cent more likely to report higher happiness as young adults (ages 23-30) than those who never attended services.

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Sugar pills may effectively relieve chronic pain says study

A sugar pill becomes as good an option for treatment of chronic pain as any drug we have on the market says the study. Its prescription for chronic pain patients would result in vast cost savings both for the pateints as well as the health care system.

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One in 8 children between 2-9 years suffers from hearing impairment, other disorders

The estimate, however, was a conservative one, said researchers involved in the study — ‘Neurodevelopmental disorders in children aged 2-9 years: Population-based burden estimates across five regions in India’ — published in PloS Medicine.

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Why heart disease risk varies across states: wealth, facilities, other reasons

“Our findings could be helpful in deciding how to allocate resources to prevent cardiovascular disease to those most in need,” study author Dr Pascal Geldsetzer, of the Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health, said.

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Maharashtra: New treatment strategy to eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis

According to state health officials, in 2017, Maharashtra had recorded 40,204 cases of lymphoedema and 24,951 cases of hydrocele among LF-infected patients, who suffer from chronic disability associated with the disease.

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Why do you feel angry when hungry?

A study reported that when hungry individuals experienced anger which may be due to a complicated emotional response which is an interplay personality, biology, and environmental cues. Hungry individuals display more unpleasant emotions.

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Study: 23 per cent of Chandigarh residents above 30 have hypertension

According to the UT health department, till April 2018, approximately 53,986 people were screened in the city and number of people diagnosed with hypertension was 12,782 (23.6 per cent) and diabetes was 8,909 (16.5 per cent).

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Healthy office spaces promote healthy lifestyles

Creating a perfect office set-up and turning it into an ideal workplace environment usually involves astronomical costs. From paying office rent to office furnishings, the cost is mostly high.

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What is foetus in foetu? When a 7-month child carried her twin

Foetus in foetu involves a malformed foetus inside the body of its twin and is a rare condition with only 200 recorded cases so far. The diagnosis period is variable and can range from a few months to 30 years.

Pawanraje Nimbalkar murder case: Defer recording statement of accused, says Bombay High Court

Bombay High Court seeks report on health hazards for people living near dumpyard

Five residents of Kannamvar Nagar, Kanjurmarg, which houses 1,200 families, filed a petition in the high court last year saying the dumping ground, located 100 metres from their society, poses serious health hazards.

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World Cancer Day 2018: Theme, goals and significance

For 2016 to 2018, the theme for observing World Cancer Day is ‘We Can. I can.’ Under this theme, people are expected to, individually and collectively, understand and work towards lessening the impact and harmful effects of the condition globally.

Union Budget 2018: Poor diagnosis, wrong medicine

The focus in the Union Budget on tertiary healthcare at the cost of primary and secondary healthcare is flawed. A publicly-financed health insurance scheme is no substitute

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Tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in winter

Use coconut oil for dry, flaky skin caused by cold breeze and dehydration in winter months. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water each day. Rather than cold or iced (which aggravates Vata), drink your water warm, or at least at room temperature.

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Wearable self-powered sensor monitors body glucose from sweat

The method needs patients to carry many accessories during physical activity, including lancets, alcohol swabs and a relatively large glucometer.