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Nail salon workers at high risk of cancer, says study

Researchers stressed that salon customers, however, face significantly fewer risks. The observed levels of air pollution observed are unlikely to have any negative health effects on all but the most vulnerable, such as those who are pregnant or have serious asthma.

From coffee to almonds: Here are some foods that can soothe a headache

Suffering from a bad headache? From watermelon to coffee, try including these foods in your diet and bid goodbye to headaches forever.


Teens hung on gadgets suffer from headaches

Use of electronic gadgets,computers,video games are triggering acute headaches among teenagers.

Asthma may lead to chronic migraine

Asthma found linked to increased vulnerability to development of chronic migraine among people currently experiencing only mild episodic migraine.

Age no bar, now headaches increase among young women and younger children

Neurologists say one should not ignore any headache, and should consult a neurologist if headache persists for over two weeks, otherwise it may lead to permanent vision loss.

While shifting to gluten-free diet,exercise caution

Those diagnosed with celiac disease may eat small amounts of gluten on and off.


Headaches,highly prevalent but neglected: UN report

Almost everyone in the world suffers from headaches but the problem goes neglected.

Hot weather can trigger migraine: Study

A new study has finally confirmed what many have long observed – hot weather 'triggers migraine and other debilitating types of head pain'.