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US: Hawaii weighs first-in-nation plastic bans at restaurants

Dozens of cities across the country have banned plastic foam containers, but Hawaii's measure would make it the first to do so statewide.

Flare 10 billion times more powerful than solar flares discovered

"A discovery of this magnitude could have only happened in Hawaii," said Steve Mairs, astronomer and lead investigator of the team that discovered the stellar flare.


A remote Hawaiian Island has been largely wiped out by a hurricane

After the storm, government officials confirmed that the island, in the northwestern part of the Hawaiian archipelago, had been largely submerged by water.

Hawaii residents hit by floods from Hurricane Lane as new storm forms

The residents are keeping a watchful eye on Tropical Storm Miriam, spinning in the Pacific Ocean some 2,000 miles to the east and expected to become a hurricane by the time it approaches the islands.

Storm drifts away from Hawaii after 'almost biblical' rains

In Honolulu, where the storm deposited only a few inches of rain, shopkeepers removed plywood from their windows and reopened for business.

US: Hurricane Lane floods homes as some swim in powerful waves

The hurricane center warned that Lane's slow movement increases the potential for prolonged heavy rainfall that's expected to cause major flash flooding and landslides.


Drenching Hawaii, Hurricane Lane is downgraded to Category 3 storm

The National Hurricane Center warned that storm surges could raise water levels 3 to 5 feet (1 to 1.5 metres) above normal along the western shores of the Big Island. Extreme rainfall may prompt "numerous evacuations and rescues," it said.

Panic, hoarding in Hawaii as Hurricane Lane bears down

US Navy ships and submarines based in Hawaii were instructed to leave port, a common practice as a hurricane approaches to avoid potential damage.

Hawaii braces for 'life threatening' hit from Hurricane Lane

The hurricane strengthened to a major Category 4 storm on Tuesday and was expected to hit Hawaii's Big Island on Thursday with winds capable of damaging roofs and knocking out power, the National Weather Service (NWS) warned.

Lava from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano reaches geothermal power plant

Over the weekend, the US Geological survey detected more than 250 earthquakes with four explosions on May 26 sending ash at 12,000-15,000 feet into the air. Large fissures have opened in the earth since the eruptions began on May 3.