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Hasmukh Adhia appointed Chancellor of Central University of Gujarat

A chancellor’s post at a central university is titular in nature. The person occupying this position usually presides over the university convocation. As Chancellor of CUG, Adhia will not have any major say in the day to day administration of the university.

Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia to retire on Nov 30; Arun Jaitley praises his contribution

In a Facebook post titled 'Dr. Hasmukh Adhia retires', Jaitley said, "He was unquestionably a highly competent, disciplined, no-nonsense civil servant and of course, with impeccable integrity."


GST in 'smooth phase', return simplification high on agenda, says finance secretary Hasmukh Adhia

Over 1.11 crore businesses have registered themselves under GST. The average monthly compliance of return filing and tax payment is going up in a staggered manner and over a period it is expected to be around 96 per cent, Adhia said.

Conduct performance review of Central govt officers, Hasmukh Adhia asks CBIC chairman

Adhia, in the missive, has stated that the performance of the Central government officers in all the states, barring Arunachal Pradesh, is lower than the state government officers in return filing percentage for April (up to May 26) this year.

E-way bill rollout glitch free: Govt

Finance secretary Hasmukh Adhia said it has been a “very successful rollout so far”. “No glitch at all... at this rate, we will be able to, as per the declared timetable, bring for intra-state also,” Adhia said.

Govt is on course to achieve fiscal deficit target of 3.5 per cent, says Hasmukh Adhia

Fiscal deficit for April-February had soared to Rs 7.15 lakh crore, which was 120 per cent of the revised estimate for the year.


Stock market fall not due to new capital gains tax: Finance Secy Hasmukh Adhia

Adhia also said that it was not a good idea to leave one class of assets completely out of the tax net as that would lead to people parking funds in an asset where there is no tax incidence.

Composition Scheme: Govt ‘surprised’ over low turnover reported by dealers

Finance secretary Hasmukh Adhia said if the annual turnover of a company is Rs 5 lakh, why would it register under GST. He said the government was not aware about the low sales figures reported by composition scheme dealers.

Initial revenue sacrifice to increase GST compliance: Hasmukh Adhia

The highest number of GST registrants are in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat. GST collections in September were over Rs 92,150 crore, October - Rs 83,000 crore, November - Rs 80,808 crore and December - Rs 86,703 crore

Foolproof technological system will help govt to remove 'unevenness' in tax compliance: Hasmukh Adhia

Hasmukh Adhia said that the advance corporate tax data shows that balance sheets of companies in the organised sector have improved under GST at the cost of initial revenue losses to the government.