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Palestinian Harvard student blocked from coming to US is allowed to enter

Ajjawi’s parents issued a statement expressing relief that their son was able to begin studies at Harvard with his class, and thanking those who fought for the reinstatement of his visa. They asked for privacy for their son, who did not comment directly.

Questions after US turns away Palestinian Harvard freshman

Ismail Ajjawi, who had been living in Lebanon, was refused entry into the US after landing Friday at Logan International Airport in Boston, university and federal officials confirmed this week.


US: Man who threatened to bomb Harvard ceremony for black students faces sentencing

Federal prosecutors in Boston plan to seek an 18-month prison term for Nicholas Zuckerman, 25, who pleaded guilty in February to charges related to comments he posted on Harvard's Instagram account in May 2017.

Harvard rescinds admission for Parkland student over offensive comments

“Hopefully people have the goodness in their hearts to forgive me,” Kashuv said in a telephone interview. “I really hope that. What I said two years ago isn’t indicative of who I am.”

Harvard University sued for allegedly profiting from photos of slaves

The case renews focus on the role that the country’s oldest universities played in slavery, and also comes amid a growing debate over whether the descendants of the enslaved are entitled to reparations.

Once secret, Harvard’s admissions process is unveiled in federal court

A federal trial that began this week accusing Harvard of stacking the deck against Asian-American applicants is providing a rare glimpse into the secretive selection process at one of the country’s most elite universities.


Harvard, Asian-Americans group spar over data in bias case

Harvard and the group Students for Fair Admissions filed dueling reports from outside economists Friday, each studying six years of Harvard admissions data and each reaching wildly different conclusions.

Trump admin calls for making public Harvard's admission data following discrimination suit

Students for Fair Admissions includes over a dozen students who claim they were rejected from Harvard because the it engages in "racial balancing" by capping the number of Asian-Americans it admits each year.

Soft robot that crawls like snakes developed

Using a Japanese paper-cutting technique, scientists have been able to create a robot that moves like a snake.

First evidence of glassmaking in sub-Saharan Africa discovered

An excavation in Nigeria, a part of sub-Saharan Africa, has found evidence of the earliest glass manufacturing.