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Won't feel totally accomplished at any age, says Harshvardhan Rane

Harshvardhan Rane says he doesn't think he will feel "accomplished" at any age.

Remake of Mani Ratnam's Agni Nachathiram not shelved, says Bejoy Nambiar

Bejoy Nambiar has put the remake of Mani Ratnam's movie Agni Nachathiram on hold.


Harshvardhan Rane turns photographer for PETA

Read how Harshvardhan Rane turned photographer while his visit at the 'People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' (PETA) office.

Harshvardhan Kapoor, Harshvardhan Rane, Gautam Gulati: 2016 Debutants with ​drool-worthy body

Harshvardhan Kapoor, Harshvardhan Rane, Gautam Gulati: Young debuntants of 2016 who have a drool-worthy body which has the capability to make their female fans go gaga.

Sanam Teri Kasam actor Harshvardhan Rane draws attention to abused elephants

Harshvardhan Rane is trying to draw people's attention towards the condition of abused elephants.

Sunny Deol's Ghayal Once Again, Mawra Hocane's Sanam Teri Kasam clashes at box-office

It is a battle of muscle v/s romance at the box-office this week with Sunny Deol's Ghayal Once Again clashing with the love filled Sanam Teri Kasam.


Harshvardhan Rane has no regrets rejecting 'Ram Leela'

Harshvardhan Rane, who was scheduled to make his debut in Bollywood with Sanjay Leela Bhansali's "Ram Leela", says he turned down the offer to star in the romance drama as had to play a negative role.

Harshvardhan Rane's special appearance in 'Bengal Tiger'

Harshvardhan Rane has been roped in to play a special role in "Bengal Tiger".

'Avunu 2' many notches higher than prequel: Harshvardhan Rane

'Avunu 2' will be more scarier, more thrills and chills than its prequel.

When Harshvardhan Rane almost broke his back

Harshvardhan Rane talks about an accident he had on the sets of 'Avunu 2'.