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Daniel Radcliffe: I know I'm not the last Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe, who catapulted to fame after playing the title character in the film series based on JK Rowling's books, told in an interview that he is certain that someone else will play this role in the future.

12 Harry Potter facts you probably didn't know, for Potterheads

When Rowling wrote the first book in the series, she was broke, divorced and a single mother. She was also mourning the death of her mother, who died after years of suffering from multiple sclerosis.


Rupert Grint: Filming Harry Potter was a massive sacrifice

Rupert Grint, who starred as Ron Weasley in the money-spinning Harry Potter film series, said leaving the role of Ron Weasley behind was kind of a relief for him. He says it was like ''stepping out of an institution''.

Singapore's Changi airport takes visitors to the wizarding world of Harry Potter

Terminal 1 of the Changi airport in Singapore has been transformed into Fantastic Beasts-themed set, while terminal 2 of the airport boasts a replica of the famous Whomping Willow Tree from the Harry Potter series.

Fantasy is legal

Law students are set to engage with the legal and moral aspects of the Harry Potter books. It could be problematic

Kolkata: A course in Potterverse to teach legal aspects of wizarding world

"This course will provide students a platform to compare the legal situations of their own government with that of the magical world. It will be a unique experience to hone their creative skills” Shouvik Kumar Guha assistant professor (law), National University of Juridical Sciences.


JK Rowling confirms fan theory about how to pronounce Hermione's name

The author took to Twitter to respond to a fan theory and confirmed that she included a passage in Goblet of Fire just to troll people who pronounced Hermione's name wrong.

These Harry Potter nail art ideas will transport you back to the magical world

Inspired by the Harry Potter series, beauty enthusiasts are trying out new nail art ideas and they are super awesome. Right from Harry's scar, the Deathly Hallows sign to the logos of the four houses, you'll be spoilt for choices.

Three new Harry Potter books are all set to release before Christmas this year

For Potterheads and muggles alike, a new book means quite a breakthrough in the PotterWorld. But this year, there are going to be three of them! Excited?

'Harry Potter' fans can't get over this artist's 'realistic' illustration of Hermione as a Black woman

With an illustration of Hermione Granger from the popular 'Harry Potter' series as a woman of colour, captioned "a quick Hermione, living her best life", Sophia Canning sent Twitterati into a frenzy.

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20 years of Harry Potter: Get ROFL-ing with these 20 crazy memes

Twenty years ago, on June 26, 1997, JK Rowling introduced us to the magical world of Harry Potter, and let's just say it changed our lives. The seven-part series that Rowling created for us, with intricate details was a world we refused to leave. By the end of it we were all at Hogwarts.

Wizards, Witches and Quidditch: Harry Potter turns 20

The British-American film series based on the Harry Potter novels by author JK Rowling which begins with "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" completes it's 20 years.


10 times the Harry Potter series had the perfect spell to fight Monday blues

Monday lethargy is a thing, and we are trying to help you get over it in our tiny little way. And who better to inspire and motivate than the prodigal child - Harry Potter and his magical world.

A peek into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: There's Hogwarts, Hogsmeade Village, and more

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City was recently opened to the public. Here's a look at what you can expect in Harry Potter's world should you decide to visit.