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The murderer and the novelist: What happened to Harper Lee’s unpublished true crime book?

Harper Lee was fascinated by the Maxwell murders and worked on a true crime book about the case that she titled The Reverend. To this day, it remains unclear how much she wrote, why she stopped writing or whether she finished the book.

Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird, dies at 89

Multiple sources in Lee's hometown of Monroeville, Alabama, confirmed the writer's death, according to Al.com


The End of Innocence

The publicity about Watchman has ensured that the reader comes to the book fully aware that her hero has been morally shrunk into a bigot.

The real Atticus?

Harper Lee presents a new hero and a new question to her readers.

Woman from Monroeville

Fame came with tragic consequences for Harper Lee, the writer.

No space for non-Brit classics in new UK syllabus

“The idea of cutting out American books because they are not British is crazy,’’ said John Carey, a literary critic and emeritus professor at Oxford University.


Killing the Mocking Bird?

The reclusive Harper Lee turns her hometown against herself with notice to a museum over use of her famous work.

World’s top ‘banned’ books

Prudes will never admit its funny,or even irrelevant. In a modern world,some people in authority still manage to drive orthodoxy on.

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Seven facts about 'To Kill a Mockingbird' author Harper Lee we bet you didn't know

Harper Lee, the elusive novelist who wrote one of America's most beloved literary classics, "To Kill a Mockingbird,"died at the age of 89 on Friday.