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Kherki Daula toll plaza violence: life inside the small glass booth

The spate of violence at a toll plaza on Gurgaon’s border has exposed the risk 300 men and women take every time they arrive on the job. The Indian Express explores their life inside the small glass booth

Hardlook: Patients, patience at AIIMS

The assault on doctors at a West Bengal hospital has exposed fault lines between an overburdened healthcare set-up and desperate patients. Spending a day with an AIIMS doctor, and a patient, suggests each side is well aware of struggles of the other


Diphtheria deaths: What makes children vulnerable to disease that can be prevented by vaccination

In the last four months, over 60 children have died of diphtheria in Delhi’s Maharishi Valmiki Infectious Diseases Hospital. The Indian Express tracked down their families to understand what makes children vulnerable to a disease that can be prevented by vaccination.

Amrapali Case: Unfinished business

A foray into the real estate business with a modest 140 flats, a swift rise to becoming the industry frontrunner, and a swift fall that left 46,000 home buyers in the lurch — Amrapali’s fortunes have seen quite the turnaround. The Indian Express reports on the troubled group and the man behind it

How investigators pieced together Chapter 1984

A Special Investigation Team that started out of two rooms has secured a conviction in an anti-Sikh riots case, more than three decades on. The Indian Express looks at how its members had to navigate previously shoddy probes, sketchy documents and the challenge of reopening old wounds

Gurgaon: Kundli-Manesar expressway inauguration today

The Kundli-Manesar stretch of the Western Peripheral Expressway being inaugurated today will connect with its Eastern counterpart to form a circle around the capital that, experts and stakeholders predict, will ease the horrors of congestion and pollution.


Hardlook: In the line of fire

Narrow lanes, unruly crowds and no building plans — firefighters in the capital have an uphill task every time they attend a call. Anand Mohan J heads to five fire stations to understand how officers there navigate the hurdles.

Hardlook: Pathological lies

Long queues at hospitals and hefty discounts have meant a booming business for path labs offering a plethora of diagnostic tests. But with no pressure to get accredited and in the absence of a regulatory framework, many suspicious ones are mushrooming across the capital.

In the grey zone

Pakistan needs to acknowledge a grim reality: It faces international isolation because of its security policies

Hardlook: Guns blazing

A spate of raids on illegal firearm operations has revealed a worrying trend — of manufacturers setting up shop closer to the capital instead of bringing in guns from the infamous Munger district. With a rise in gun recoveries over the last four years, The Indian Express assesses the challenges before Delhi Police.