Harappa News

Love, actually

The first double burial of a man and a woman has been found at a Harappan site. But were they man and wife?

What a Harappan grave says about marriage

Of the 62 graves discovered in Rakhigarhi, only this one had more than one skeleton — and of individuals of the opposite sex, together.


Haryana Archaeologists Discover: ‘Bones from cooked meat found at Harappan site’

Sumita Mishra, principal secretary, Haryana Archaeology and Museums Department, said they have decided to send three types of samples — soil, bones and charcoal — from the site for testing.

Writings on the wall

Subtle variations of the Indus script are found across major sites, says a recent study.

Indus script designed with care,say TIFR researchers

An identical script was widely used across an area of about a million square km,indicating that a lot of planning and thought went into its design